Boston and communities beyond offer a bounty of theater, art, dance, music and more that appeal to a variety of interests and ages. This simple format site strives to provide an up to date calendar listing of theatrical, musical, dance and art venues, museum exhibitions, Kid friendly events and much more. Each dated entry is accompanied by a description to assist in selecting one or more of the many and exciting events occurring in Boston as well as in surrounding communities. Additionally, a live link for most venues to obtain tickets or further information has been added to make your choices user friendly.

ABOUT THE EDITOR:  This site contributor has 23 years experience as the Arts, Entertainment and Dining Editor for Boston’s Carriage News, a publication that was distributed to over 100 hotels, Logan Airport, the World Trade Center and to all the major taxi dispatches in Boston and around the Rte.128 belt. Carriage News was a Service Industry/Tourist paper whose primary focus was hotels, restaurants, theaters, museums and other attractions in Boston and beyond. It became a ‘must have’ accurate and helpful guide for concierge, visitors and locals alike.

As editor, a full page with reviews and previews of events as well as frequently contributed extensive features covering restaurants, museums exhibitions, special events along with articles surrounding community issues was created monthly. This site editor has also been a free lance contributor to a number of WickedLocal town newspapers and has recently become a voting member of the Independent Reviewers of New England (IRNE Awards(..

 MISSION STATEMENT:  To provide more up-to-date scheduling and increased coverage of the vast cultural wealth that is in Boston and areas beyond the city. This is for individuals who wish to plan on attending activities on future visits, or, for individuals who want to spontaneously  pick up a current event to attend. With a brief description plus direct link to most events potential attendees may “know before they go” or, whether or not the event is suited for them and/or for their families.

The Arts as well as history, science and cultural festivals, whether visual, audial, or tactile, add joy to our lives, feed our souls and are what make us delightfully human.


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